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Get lucky Retractable fob watch encapsulates everything a medical professional or a student wants. Especially useful for nurses who work tirelessly for long shifts in a hospital. While wearing this watch, they don’t need to worry about losing it as it is easily carried throughout the day owing to its easy attachment. More so, its luminous dial helps to read time during night-making it appropriate for everyone working during night shifts.

Getlucky Watch
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Circular dial Black colour makes, green dial with prominent black markers makes it easy for reading. The long retractable rope attached to the dial gives it an elegant design. The rope is attached to the dial with a small metal clip, which gives it a firm attachment.

On the other side, the rope is attached to the clip, which is covered by a black covering. All these features together give the watch an elegant design.


Luminous dial and pointer: This watch’s luminous dial makes it most considerable by people working in medical professions. The luminous dial helps to read the time accurately during the day and night shifts as time accuracy are one of the most important medical professionals’ considerations, especially for nurses. It also works well for taking a pulse.

Easy time reading: the watch is most suitable for easy reading as the dial is connected to a retractable rope and can be easily picked up without clipping it off from the shirt. Furthermore, the dial is upside down, which helps in easy reading. 

Clip-on design: the clip at the watch’s backside allows the watch to be easily clipped onto the pocket, and there is no fear of losing or damaging the watch. 

Elegant design: The retractable rope, along with the upside-down dial, makes the overall look of the watch elegant. It can brighten your day at work and also of the patients you deal with.  

Wonderful gift item: Makes a perfect gift for anyone in the medical profession due to easy reading and a second hand that helps in pulse checking.

Easy hand washing: Due to the Clip and retractable rope, it can be easily picked up, there is no fear of damaging the watch during hand washing. Also, you don’t have to take it off every time you wash hands.

Big face design: the big face design with prominent markers make sure that one can easily read the time.

Easy cleaning: The silicon material of the watch allows for easy cleaning. While working with the patients, there are huge chances for catching germs. The silicon material of the watch allows one to clean it without getting damaged.

Product Details

Brand Name: The product belongs to the brand Getlucky

Product Dimension: The product dimensions are 6.9 x 4.6 x 2 cm

Item Shape: The shape of the item is round

Display Type: The display type is analog

Movement: The watch includes Quartz movement

Other Features: The watch has a luminous dial.

Frequently asked questions

How well does it keep track of time? 

This watch has a high-quality quartz movement, which allows for accurate time reading. Particularly for the nurses, this helps them keep track of time. Also, the second hand is available, which allows for an accurate reading. 

How does the luminous dial work?

The luminous dial to work needs to absorb the light and then work for the night shift. This can be easily recharged even with a flashlight. Just put the dial in front of any source of light. It will glow in the dark after absorbing the light. 

Is this watch handy?

Yes, the watch is super handy. You can take it anywhere due to its lightweight and clip it can be easily attached to the pocket or the stethoscope. Due to the clip-on design, there are lesser chances of losing it.

Does it include a battery?

Yes the battery comes with the product and it uses SR626SW

How to adjust the time?

Dial and cover are separable. It comes easily out of the cover and time can be easily adjusted. 

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