How to text on smartwatch ?

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Today, we are living in the age of science and technology. Our lives have become so much busy-scheduled that we do not have time to spend with our friends and family. Technology and science are continuously trying to save man from useless tension and are giving innovations daily to alleviate man’s work. Today we cannot even imagine how our life will be boring and dull without these exciting inventions and gadgets that we have today. Technology’s effort for making our lives easier is bearing fruit, and people who are continuously working hard to comfort a man by inventing gadgets are doing their job well.

Life has become so fast and busy these days. We do not even have time for ourselves. In this busy schedule, we need to keep all the gadgets required with us. For example, we can say calculators for calculations, phones to make calls and receive notifications, watch to keep up with time, etc. Earlier, all these features were merged into one gadget called a smartphone, which solved man’s problems greatly. But as we know, technology’s purpose is to provide greater ease and comfort to a man in smaller sizes. So the invention of the smartwatch has added benefits to the use of smartphones. Smartwatch has connected us with the whole world through our wrist. So, having a simple watch is just like enjoying a pizza without any toppings in these modern times.

We can’t envision our lives without having our mobile phones. We are just dependent on checking our mobile phones now and then. Smartwatch causes us to be in contact with the world constantly. Having the world on your wrist essentially makes you more helpless against the worries of your nearby ones. The most needed element of the smartwatch is that it can fill in as your cell phone. We can contact our companions through it. We can settle on decisions, send and get messages, even do video calls through Skype, telephone following, and many more intriguing highlights. To make it functions as a cell phone, we need to actuate a SIM card into it. We can actuate a SIM card in our watches by following a few stages given underneath.

How To Text On Smartwatch

Making Your Watch Ready for Texting

To make a watch capable of sending messages, we need to insert a SIM card into it and make it work with your smartphone. Before doing this, we need to check whether the smartwatch version that we have is capable of cellular connectivity. The reason is that only a few versions of smartwatches have this feature. The ones having this feature are costly. So after checking your version, you need to check where is a SIM card slot. If it is back, we need to remove the lid with some flat and sharp objects. After the slot is exposed, then insert a SIM card into it and then put the lid back at it. Now turn on the watch. Remember, you can use either eSIM or nano-SIM in your watch. After turning your watch on, grab your phone. Ensure both your phone and watch are fully charged to avoid any hassle during the process. Now go to the play store and download the app that connects your smartwatch with your smartphone. It can be done by Wi-Fi-direct or by Bluetooth. Once it is connected, it can be used as your smartphone, and you can send text messages with it.

How to Text by Your Smartwatch

We can send text messages to others by your smartwatch by following the given steps:

  1. Just see whether your screen is showing. If it is then proceeding and if it is not, then wake up your watch. 
  2. Now you should check whether your watch has cellular connectivity or not. For this go to settings and tap “connectivity”.
  3. Now search for “cellular”. If you find it then it means it has this feature. And if you do not find it then it lacks this feature.
  4. Then you need to go in messages and then you will be able to contact your friends through your watch.

For texting you need to have the following things:

  1. Cellular connectivity
  2. Your phone
  3. A SIM card
  4. Apps like Messenger or WhatsApp

You can send messages in the following forms:

  1. Text messages
  2. Voice messages
  3. Picture messages
  4. Sending some kind of attachments
  5. Emails

How to Reply from your Watch

You can reply to the messages received by your smartwatch. This can be done by tapping on an option under the sent message. The options say “Reply,” and you can reply by clicking it and typing your message. You can also reply from your message history.

Some other Interesting Features of Smartwatch

  1. You can track your smartphone with it in case you have lost it.
  2. It also helps you stay healthy by giving you a minute-to-minute report about your blood pressure, heart rate, and pulse rate.
  3. It also allows you to send and receive emails regularly.
  4. It also gives us access to all of the apps on your phone. In this way, you can have an easy approach to all important notifications. It also helps you not to miss any important announcement.
  5. Besides telling you the correct time, the smartwatch offers you several exciting and interesting features that help you connect with the world.


We can say confidently that inventions like smartwatches surely change our life for a good reason. Now the world has become a global village, and we can contact this world through our wrist. The world has become accessible with these inventions, which come in smaller sizes, but they have many features. Well, that is the main concern of technology, though. We hope that all of your queries regarding the smartwatch have been answered through this article

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