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SRXWO is a brand which deals with products of daily use. It mostly includes products that make daily life tasks easier. This brand’s products are caulking tool king, stainless steel milk jug, and knee pillow. SRXWO also serves in men’s pocket watches and fob watches. When it comes to fob watches, this brand is a famous and loved brand due to its reliable movement and good quality.

Srxwo Watch
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The round-shaped metallic case has a long silver metallic chain. At the top of the chain, a smiley-faced sunflower design has the clip-on at the back. The petals of the flower are of different colours, and its face is winking.

The silver metal case has a white dial which has black coloured pointers with a red-coloured second hand. The colour of the numerical is also black. The silver metallic chain and casing attached to the beautiful smiley face make this watch desirable.


Ultra Clear Glass: The ultra-clear glass of the watch helps in easy reading. It is difficult to read time properly when the dial’s glass is low quality and is not clear. This product has no such issue because of its clear glass. 

Durable clip Design: There is a clip at the back of the watch with the help of which it can easily be attached to clothing. A clip is better than a pin because it attaches firmly. The clip of this watch is durable, and therefore the watch doesn’t fall from the shirt. It can also be attached to the stethoscope. 

Illuminated Pointers: The watch’s pointers are luminous and help to read the time easily during night time. It helps the nurses or medical professionals to watch time during their long night shifts. 

Quartz Movement: This watch has a Japanese Quartz movement, which helps to keep accurate time. This movement is considered reliable when it comes to watches. It also makes this watch long-lasting. 

Live waterproof: This product is live waterproof. It can bear water splashes in daily use. As nurses have to wash their hands, again and again, they can use this watch easily without the fear of getting it damaged. 

Includes second hand: This watch includes a second hand, which is specifically helpful for taking pulses. It makes the tasks of nurses much easier. 

Eye-catching Design: This watch is different from simple fob watches. It has an eye-catching design of a smiley sunflower with which the clip is attached. The attractive design immediately grabs the attention and brightens the day of the patients. It also adds colour to the uniform of the nurses.

Product Details

Brand Name: It belongs to the brand SRXWO

Product Dimension: The dimensions are 10 x 4 x 2.5 cm

Item Shape: The shape of the product is round

Display Type: The display type is analog

Movement: The product used Japanese Quartz movement.

Other Features: The colour of the dial is white and of band is metallic

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Illuminated pointer work?

The pointer needs exposure to light for 10 minutes. Putting the watch under light exposure for 10 minutes will make the illumination stronger. 

Does this watch have a glowing dial?

No, the dial of this watch doesn’t glow in the dark, only the pointer does.

Is this watch waterproof?

This watch is only live waterproof, which means it can bear water splashes but cannot be soaked into water. Therefore, it cannot be used for swimming and diving. 

Is this watch easy to use?

This watch is easy to use. It can be attached to the uniform or the stethoscope with the clip. The clip is durable and gets easily attached. Time can be adjusted by the knob present at the side of the case. The movement of the watch is Quartz that helps to keep time well. You can also attach it to the uniform and do your regular work as it does not fall from the shirt.

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