Siby Tech NurseLapel Pin Fob Watch

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Sibytech is a famous and loved brand of watches. It produces a variety of different fob watches. This allows customers to choose their favorite design and style when they have to buy a fob watch. Also, all the other products made by Sibytech are made to make people’s lives easier.

These products are large;y meant to provide comfort to people. Some examples of such products are Handheld Vacuum Cordless, Wood Carving Tools USB Charging Station for Multiple Devices, and Wireless doorbell.

Siby Tech Nurse Watch
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The silver-colored dial of the watch is enclosed in a metal covering. The dial has big numbers written on it, which are of rose gold color. It also has all the numbers written in Roman with silver color. The dial is attached to a long metallic chain, which is of the same color.

The rose gold chain is attached to the pin, which has a solid metal backing with “Carpe Diem” written over it. The watch has prominent silver colored markers. There is also a knob on the side of the watch for time adjustment. All this put together makes the watch look stylish and elegant. 


Solid steel: This watch is made of solid steel. The steel gives it a solid look, and it does not corrode easily. It also helps to prevent high-temperature resistance. 

High-quality Quartz movement: This watch includes Quartz movement, one of the most high-quality movements when it comes to watches. The Quartz movement allows time accuracy.  

Glow pointer: the glow pointer of this watch allows it to glow during the dark. This feature makes it ideal for people working on long hours of night duties. 

Easy to Attach: The pin at the back of the watch allows it to attach easily. The watch is lightweight, so it doesn’t fall from the shirt. You don’t need to follow any complicated method to attach the watch to the uniform.  

Easy to carry: A wristwatch is much more difficult to carry as nurses need to remove it while washing hands, and subsequently, there are more chances of losing it. On the contrary, it is easy for nurses to carry this watch throughout the day as it is conveniently attached to the shirt or the stethoscope.

 Ideal Gift Item: Carpe Diem is carved on the top of the watch, which is a Latin word, and it means ‘Seize the Day.’ this carving, along with the stylish design, makes this watch the ideal gift item. And all its other features, such as easy cleaning and easily attached, makes it specifically a perfect gift item for nurses. 

Visible second hand: The second hand of this watch is quite large and helps ease reading. This specifically helps nurses to take pulses.

Product Details

Brand Name: The brand of this watch is Sibytech

Product Dimensions: The product dimensions are 8.5 x 4 x 1 cm 

Item Shape: The shape of the item is round

Display Type: The display type is analog

Movement: The movement of the watch is quartz.

Other Features: The dial colour is silver

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the glow in dark work?

Just expose the watch to light for some time. It will soak the light and will glow in the dark

Is this watch waterproof? 

This watch is not waterproof. It cannot be soaked into water. 

Does this watch include a battery?

Yes, this watch comes with a battery. 

Is this watch handy?

This watch is super handy. It gets attached to the uniform with a pin and can be carried along all day long. Also, due to the watch’s lightweight, it does not fall off easily from the shirt. 

Can this watch be engraved?

No, this watch is not customised and all watches come with the engravement “ Carpe Diem”. 

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