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SibyTech is a well known and loved brand which deals in a variety of products. Some of its well-known products are Handheld Vacuum Cordless, Wood Carving Tools USB Charging Station for Multiple Devices, and Wireless doorbell. The commonality of all these products is that they help to make daily life tasks more comfortable. Also, all these products are of low price. This is the reason for its popularity among the masses.

Similar is the case with SibyTech Nurse Fob watches; it helps the nurses carry the watch as most of them are not allowed to wear a wristwatch. Even if they are allowed to wear a watch, it is always difficult for them to carry it along with them all day owing to their hectic routine.

Siby Tech Watch
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The SibyTech nurse watch has a thickness of 10mm, a length of 85mm, and a diameter of 40mm. The watch’s dial is big and clear with an hour and minute marker and a second marker. The dial is also upside down in a silver circular ring, which is covered by circular-shaped rubber, which makes a T-shaped at the end.

This watch comes in different colors, and both the color of the dial and the outer casing is the same. For example, a pink color dial always comes with a pink color outer casing. The marker is always black, which makes time easier to read. The pin is adjusted within the rubber at the backside with which it can be easily attached to the uniform.


Glow Pointer Design: The glow pointer design of the SibyTech fob watch makes it easier to read time at night.

Easy to Read: The dial is easy to read.

Easy to Clean: The smooth Silicone rubber material makes it easy to clean. The rubber is easily detachable from the Silicon part of the watch, making it easy to clean.   

Easy to attach: Due to the lightweight rubber material, the watch is easily attached to the stethoscope or the uniform. This makes it apt for nurses as they prefer their hands to be free. Nobody has to worry about it getting damaged or lost.

Infection Control Design: The watch’s face comes out of the casing for cleaning, which prevents it from catching germs.

Variety of Colors: Comes with different shades of color in one packing, the outer rubber covering can be replaced with different colors.

Ideal Gift for Nurses: This fob watch adds to the nurses’ distinct individual and performs them. Anyone in a health care profession would love to have it as a gift.

Product Details

Brand Name: The watch belongs to the well-known brand SibyTech.

Product Dimensions: The thickness of the watch is 10mm, its length is 85mm and its diameter is 40mm. 

Item Shape: The shape of the watch is round.

Display Type: The watch has Analog display.

Movement: The movement of Sibytech nurse watches is that of  High-Quality Quartz.

Other Features: The shipping weight is 59 gram.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this watch Waterproof?

The watch is waterproof but for daily use only. It can not be soaked into water. Thus it is not suitable for swimming or diving. However, it can bear water splashes while using it daily. You don’t need to worry about it getting wet.

Is the face design visible in the dark?

This watch has a glow pointer design, not glow face design. The face doesn’t glow in the dark, but the pointer does.

What type of batteries does these Fob Watches Use?

These watches use SR626sw batteries.

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