Ravel Classic Nurses Fob Watch

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Ravel classic nurse watch is a genderless watch. Its well-constructed design makes it suitable for both men and women. They are mostly used by nurses or health care professionals. Its look is neither feminine nor masculine, making it ideal for both the genders.

Its design adds style to the uniform of nurses, and all other features make their work convenient. Also, the stainless steel of the watch makes it a sturdy watch.

Ravel Classic Watch
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The Ravel watch classic watch has a round-shaped dial connected to the chrome of steel. The polished chrome gives the watch an elegant and classy look. The colour of the dial is white, having prominent Arabic numerals written with green colour.

The silver-coloured band is made of metal. The back of the watch is made of stainless steel, giving the watch the required sturdiness. 


Luminous hands: the hands of the watch are luminous and help in easy reading. 

Comes with a manufacturer’s guarantee: While buying products like these, buyers are always worried about its warranty. This product comes with a manufacturer’s guarantee, which adds to its credibility. 

Secondhand Included: This product includes a second hand, which helps to keep time well. This makes it suitable for professions that require time accuracy and punctuality is an important part of a job such as nurses or other people working in health care. 

Attached to the Uniform: It is not convenient for the nurses to carry a wristwatch due to their hectic routine.  The clip at the backside of the watch allows it to get easily attached to the shirt. Nurses can attach to their uniform or even stethoscope conveniently as the clip will remain attached the whole day. 

Unisex: The design of the watch is such that both men and women can wear it. This is a special feature of the watch as most fob watches are designed, keeping in mind that nurses are mostly female and made specifically for them. But there is such no restriction in this watch.

Well-designed: along with several features that make it desirable. The design of the watch itself is very well made. Not just for yourself, but you can buy it as a gift also. 

Easily cleaned metal chrome: The chrome of the watch is made of metal and easily cleaned. This feature is especially good for nurses as they have chances of catching germs. The easily cleaning allows them to easily clean the watch and keep all the germs at a distance.

Product Details

Brand Name: The brand name is Ravel

Product Dimensions: The  product dimensions are 4.72 x 1.97 x 0.79 inches

Item Shape: The shape of the watch is round

Display Type: The display type is analog 

Movement: The watch uses quartz movement.

Other Features: The case material is stainless steel

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this product include a  battery?

Yes, this product comes with a battery. 

Is this product waterproof?

No this product is not waterproof. It cannot be used for swimming or diving.

Does this watch keep a good track of time?

Yes, the watch’s movement is Quartz is one of the most reliable brands when it comes to watches. Also, the second hand of the watch helps to keep a good track of time. 

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