Personalized Engraved Nurses Fob Watch

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Adding a personal touch to any product is always desirable. The demand for customized products is huge because people like to buy products that touch their personalities. In the engraved fob nurse watch, any name or text can be engraved on the buyer’s demand.

Customers specifically like this feature. It has all the essential features for a good fob watch, such as water resistance, accurate timekeeping, and glow in the dark. This also serves as an ideal gift, especially for nurses.

Personalised Gift Uk Watch
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The metallic case has a light green dial inside it, which has black markers and numbers. There is a red colour plus sign just beneath the number 12. The metal case is then attached to a chain with a rectangle-shaped metal at the back of which the pin is attached.

At the front of that metal, there is space for engraving. Any text could be engraved on the front side of the metal. All these components together give this watch a classy and elegant look. 


Personal Engraving: Personal text can be engraved on this watch. At the top of the watch is space where any name can be engraved. This helps to give a personal touch to the person buying it. 

Ideal Gift: The personal engraving and the elegant design makes it the ideal gift. If you have to give it to someone, you can get their name engraved. Also, The product comes with a gift box, which makes it more ideal as a gift.

Quartz Movement: The movement which this watch uses is Quartz. Quartz movement is considered the most reliable when it comes to watches. 

Easy time setting: Time can be easily set with the help of the knob which is present at the side of the case. 

Daily Water Resistant: This watch is daily water-resistant, which means that it can bear water splashes. As nurses have to wash their hands throughout the day, this watch makes for a perfect choice for them.

Glow in the dark: The dial of the watch glows in the dark. This feature makes it suitable for nurses who work for long night shifts and need to watch time. 

Product Details

Brand Name: It is a product of Personalised gift UK

Product Dimensions: Its total length is approx. 3.4 inch ,the face Diameter is approx. 1.1 inch

Item Shape: The shape of the item is round

Display Type: The watch has analog display type.

Movement: The watch includes quartz movement

Other Features: The material of the watch is alloy

Frequently Asked Question

Does it include a clip or a pin fastener?

This watch includes a pin. With the help of the pin, it can be attached to the shirt easily. 

Is this watch waterproof?

This watch is living waterproof only. It cannot be soaked into water.

Is this watch handy?

Yes, this watch is super handy, it can be attached to the uniform or even carried into the pocket. 

Does this product come with a battery?

Yes, this product comes with a battery.

Does this watch have a glowing dial?

Yes, the dial of the watch glows in the dark. 

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