How smartwatch measures blood pressure?

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How Smartwatch Measures Blood Pressure

A smartwatch is simply many applications merged into one. Nowadays people use it because it is convenient to have all apps on one wristwatch. There is no time to keep all things separately with you and many people often think that smartwatches are more convenient to use. The thing that makes smartwatches unique is that the whole world is confined to the man’s wrist. The feature of having all needed applications in one gadget is the one that makes it superior to all of the other electronic gadgets. You can get options that include running apps available on your phones, connecting music to your Bluetooth headphones, making calls, and the basic purpose of showing us the accurate time. It also includes some of the extra features and tools like calculator, alarm, radio, and many more.Nowadays, the world has become a global village. We can never think of spending our time without any modern gadget or application. What a marvel it would be to have all the modern gadgets amalgamated into one! In the world of emerging development and progress, having a simple watch is just like having a pizza without any toppings. You can get benefit from it but it is incomplete. A smartwatch is simply all modern gadgets and applications assembled into one. People consider it a really valuable invention because it has confined the world to man’s wrist. We can get all applications in a single touch.

How smartwatch measures blood pressure

To live a healthy life, keeping your body metabolism checked is an important thing to do. So we should use a device that will help us to check our health by measuring one of the main factors contributing to bad health that is blood pressure. Smartwatches help us to keep a check on our blood pressure regularly so that we can avoid any big health hazard. There is a frequently asked question that how the wristwatch can measure your blood pressure. So this article will surely answer your question. 

The main brand that offers the smartwatch that detects blood pressure is Omron. Now the question is how a watch detects the pressure exerted by blood on the walls of arteries. The answer is that the watch has an inflated cuff in it. When the cuff inflates the pressure exerted on two arteries in the wrist can be calculated and when it is deflated the blood pressure is assessed. But there is one thing that the watch does not count the blood pressure on its own. So we need to tell the watch to record our blood pressure. After this, the watch asks you to keep your wrist in front of your heart for almost 30 seconds. Then the watch gives the data to the HeartAdvisor app.

In this way, we can say that technology does help us in maintaining our health. Increased blood pressure is one of the main reasons for deaths in the world. We can say that keeping a check of your blood pressure can reduce the chances of sudden death due to blood pressure can be reduced by at least 60%. Thus, smartwatches help us to take an action immediately for normalizing our blood pressure at 120/80 by giving us blood pressure reports at regular intervals. Another blood pressure watch is ASUS Vivowatch BP but it is not approved at a larger scale. The reason is most probably that it does not give 100% accurate results. There is a slight difference between the original reading and the one on the watch. The best feature of this watch is the “HealthConnect” app. It is convenient to use. 


  • You can check your blood pressure anywhere and anytime you need it.
  • As it tracks your fitness so it can help you to maintain your health and live a healthy life.
  • It also counts your heart rate and thus provides you with all the basic information to keep you healthy.
  • These kinds of watches have a battery life of almost 3-4 days.
  • It feels like you are always carrying all apparatus of health with you assembled into one gadget.
  • It also provides you other basic features like calls, texts, emails, and many more features.


  • The watches having these advanced features are very expensive and some people think of them as a wastage of money.
  • Not all countries have these watches and thus it is not available to everyone to take benefits from them.
  • It is a little bit heavy so we may not be able to use it as a running watch.
  • It does not have GPS often. Only a few of them have both GPS and BP detectors in them.
  • Some of these watches do not give 100% accurate reading and may differ from the original one.

Importance of Smartwatch

Nowadays, life has become so hectic and busy that we do not have time to carry all kinds of appliances with us at one time. So smartwatch has simply reduced our struggle to almost zero. After all, technologies are always invented and used to lower man’s hectic schedule and efforts. Many people think that smartwatches are only a wastage of money but once they get to know about their benefits and the way they keep us in touch with the world every time, they will surely reconsider their opinion.

Importance of Health

Importance Of Health

Health is the greatest wealth that a man can have. One kind of health is your physical health that is needed to be checked regularly and the other one is your mental health. A person having perfect physical health is diagnosed with no illness and thus has a longer span of life. You can maintain your health by eating a balanced diet and by keeping it checked. The latest version of smartwatches provides us the features that help us in maintaining health. This is accomplished by measuring your Blood Pressure, counting your steps, measuring your burnt calories, etc.

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