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Best Nurses Fob Watch

Hey there! Welcome to my best fob watch review for 2022.

I have spent two days researching the best fob watch. Then I ranked them based on their reliability, performance, and popularity. Check out the review to find your best fob watch.

Below mentioned are the best of the lot.

In my opinion, the best fob watch overall is SibyTech Nurse Watch.

After reading the review, you know that you don’t have to spend all your money to get a good watch. A fob watch gives you way too many great options at a very affordable price.

Let’s get started.

Top 5 Best Fob Watch Review

1. SibyTech Nurse Fob Watch – Best for Nurses

SibyTech Nurse Fob Watch
SibyTech Nurse Fob Watch (Image credit: Amazon)

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Brand Name: SibyTech

Display Type: Analog

Batteries: Included 

Why buy the SibyTech Nurse Fob Watch?

  • This watch is best for nurses or any other health care professionals.
  • It is easy to clean.
  • It is easy to attach.
  • It is affordable.

We are introducing the best watch for nurses: The SibyTech Nurse Fob Watch.

Fob watches are mainly associated with nurses; they are also called medical watches. This watch has all the convenient features for nurses, nursing students, and health care professionals.

Nurses work for long hours. One part of a nurse’s job is night shifts, in which the rooms are usually dark. This watch has a glow pointer, making it suitable for nurses to use during night shifts. You can charge them by soaking energy from the sun.

This watch is made with an infection control design. It has a dial that is detachable from the case. This feature allows for easy cleaning and protects nurses from diseases as they are always at risk of catching germs.

Wearing a watch or any accessory for that matter does not suit a nurse’s job. They cannot carry it for long hours of their work. The SibyTech nurse watch includes a security pin that makes it easy to attach to the uniform. 

I got this watch for my friend who is a nurse. She says that she has never used such a handy watch. Also, during covid times, nurses are not allowed to wear accessories while taking care of the patients. This watch is much more useful now than any other time in the past.

What you’ll love about the SibyTech Nurse Fob Watch?

  • Waterproof for daily use: This watch can bear splashes of water. Nurses need to wash their hands all the time while on duty. With this watch, they don’t need to remove it for washing their hands. 
  •  Ideal gift for nurses: It completes the look of the uniform. This cute-looking watch makes the perfect gift for nurses.
  •  Available in various colors: Also, someone who prefers funky colors would be more likely to buy this watch as it comes in different fashionable colors. Nurses can match the watch with the color of their uniforms.
  •  Easy to sterilize: The watch’s dial is detachable from the case. This feature allows for easy cleaning. It is especially important during times of covid.
  • Affordable: Overall, it’s a good watch at an affordable price. With this watch as an option, you don’t need to break your bank to buy a good quality nurse watch.

What you won’t love about the SibyTech Nurse Watch?

  •  It is a bit heavy: The watch can be a bit heavy for thin tops but not too heavy that it becomes a problem.
  • Slightly dark face: The color of the watch’s dial is similar to the overall watch color. Not having a white dial can make reading a bit difficult.

If you need a watch that is an all-in-one solution for nurses and other people working in healthcare, get a SibyTech Nurse Fob Watch. But if you want a fob with more versatile use, keep reading.

2. Ravel Clip Carabiner – Best Alternative to Classic Fob

Ravel Belt Clip Carabiner Quartz Watch
Ravel Belt Clip Carabiner Quartz Watch (Image credit: Amazon)

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Brand Name: Ravel

Display Type: Analog

Batteries: Included

Why buy the Ravel Clip Carabiner?

  • It is the best alternative to a pin watch.
  • Easy to read with a good, clean face.
  • Sturdy clip attaches securely.

Next is the best alternative you could find for a conventional style fob watch: The Ravel Clip Carabiner.

Both SibyTech Nurse Fob Watch and Ravel Clip Carabiner are good, reliable watches. But the Ravel has a carabiner clip attachment instead of a pin. This clip makes the use of the watch much more versatile.

Like the SibyTech, it is a handy watch, but it is metal constructed and attaches with a carabiner clip. The clip is much more practical than the pin. The watch’s clasp makes it easily attachable to the backpack or the belt. This feature makes it useful for multiple tasks such as gardening and mountaineering, along with nursing.

This watch is part of my fob watch collection. I clip this watch on my backpack, and it’s handy to use for hiking and on the beach as well. After using it for six months, I can vouch that the watch works well. Also, getting all the amazing features under 10 dollars is a good deal.

What you’ll love about the Ravel Clip Carabiner?

  • Unique style: Ravel belt clip watch is different from the conventional fob watch. It has a carabiner clip that securely attaches to a belt, a stethoscope, or a bag. 
  • Quick time reading: This watch has a clean white dial with bold black numbers. This high contrast dial allows for quick time reading. Easy reading is crucial for nurses when they have to take pulses. Also, a clear dial is good for people with weak eyesight.
  • Optimal for outdoor sports: It is useful for outdoor sports that need time accuracy, such as mountain climbing, running, or swimming. Also, if you are going to the beach, attach it to your beach bag.
  • Strong attachment with carabiner clip: The Carabiner clip allows for stronger attachment than the pin. Nurses can easily attach to their uniform or even the stethoscope, and mountain climbers can attach it to their backpack or belt. The clip mechanism is sturdy, so it holds well.
  • Luminous markers: The watch has luminous markers, which get charged by soaking energy. These luminous markers help to read the time in the dark. Imagine if you are climbing a mountain and it gets dark, this watch will work.
  • Battery Life protection: All Ravel watches include a crown stopper for battery life protection.
  • Manufacturer guarantee: This watch comes with a manufacturer guarantee of one year.

What you won’t love about the Ravel Clip Carabiner?

  • Little heavy: It might be a little heavy to be attached to the breast pocket. But you don’t need to attach it there as you can easily attach it to a bag, a stethoscope, or a belt.
  • Color wears off: After using it for a few months, the color starts to wear off.

So, if you want a metal watch with a sturdy clip that works, get a Ravel Clip Carabiner. If you want the usual rubber fob watch, get the SibyTech.

3. Mudder Vintage Watch – Best Fashion Watch

Mudder Vintage Watch
Mudder Vintage Watch (Image credit: Amazon)

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Brand Name: Mudder

Display Type: Analog

Batteries: Not included

Why should you buy the Mudder Vintage Watch?

  • Best watch for vintage lovers.
  • Stylish and elegant design.
  • It makes for an ideal gift.
  • Affordable.

Next up is the Mudder Vintage Roman Numerals Watch. This watch has a unique and stylish look, making it the best fashion accessory. It has a roman numeral scale and beautifully engraved front and back.

Its precise details and vintage look make it an ideal gift for watch lovers. It’s a good quality watch for such a low price. The best part is that the feel of this watch is not cheap.

I gifted this watch to my brother on Christmas, and he loved it. It gives accuracy and is durable.

What you’ll love about the Mudder Vintage Watch?

  • Easy to read: The watch has a black dial with white roman numerals, making the time easy to read.
  • Ideal gift: This watch comes with a beautiful gift box and a cleaning cloth—a perfect gift for those who love vintage stuff.
  • Four color options are available: The watch comes in black, bronze, silver, and gold. You can choose your favorite from this range. 
  • Long and sturdy chain: It has a long and solid chain that you can securely attach to your clothes.
  • Read without opening: It has roman numerals outside the front case. You can read the time without opening the case.
  • It keeps accurate time: You will be amazed by the accuracy of this watch. It’s also a solid build.
  • Quick delivery: The watch delivers the next day. So, if you have an event to go to and are out of accessories, you can rely on it.
  • Versatile use: You can use this watch with different outfits for many occasions. It goes with leather pants, waistcoats, jeans, and even a groom’s suit.
  • Well protected: It comes with a plastic film cover that minimizes the chances of damage.
  • Sturdy pocket clip: You don’t need to worry that your watch might fall from your pocket because it has a sturdy pocket clip that attaches it firmly.

What you won’t love about the Mudder Vintage Watch?

  • Changing the battery is difficult: You cannot change the battery on your own because the back cover is hard to remove.
  • The chain does not come attached: The chain of this watch doesn’t come attached to it. You have to do it on your own.

So, if you want an affordable fob watch for a special event or want to buy a watch for presenting as a gift without compromising the quality, get a Mudder Vintage Roman Numerals Scale Watch. You will love it. 

4. Wonolo Lapel Pin Watch – Best Hanging Watch

Wonolo Lapel Pin Watch
Wonolo Lapel Pin Watch (Image credit: Amazon)

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Brand Name: Wonolo

Display Type: Analog

Batteries:  Included

Why should you buy the Wonolo Lapel Pin Watch?

  • It is durable.
  • It has a stylish look.
  • It gives accuracy in timekeeping.

The key features of the Wonolo lapel pin watch make it convenient for nurses. It has a clip-on design that conveniently attaches it to the clothing. This feature is especially good for nurses because wearing a wristwatch is not convenient.

Also, it adds the much-needed color to an otherwise dull nurse uniform. The elegant style of this watch will attract some eyeballs.

This watch doesn’t just look good but also works well. It is made with Alloy, which gives durability. It also uses imported precision quartz movement that offers time accuracy.

If you want an elegant and durable watch, get a Wonolo Lapel Pin Watch.  

5. Vintoney Retractable – Best Retractable Fob Watch

Vintoney Retractable Nurse Watch
Vintoney Retractable Nurse Watch (Image credit: Amazon)

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Brand Name: Vintoney

Display Type: Analog

Batteries: Included

The Vintoney retractable watch stretches up to 73 cm and allows the user to watch the time easily. This feature is most efficient for nurses or other medical professionals.

The watch has a clip design instead of a pin. This design prevents tearing your clothes.

Also, the high-quality quartz movement gives time accuracy. And, luminous pointers allow reading time during the dark.

If you want a fob watch with a stylish look and easy-to-read feature, get a Vintoney retractable fob watch.


What is the best watch for nurses?

Below mentioned are the five best nurse watches:

  • Apple Watch Series 5.
  • Timex Ironman Classic.
  • Speidel Medical Scrub Watch.
  • Casio Unisex MRW200H-2BV.
  • Timex Expedition Rugged Core.

Do midwives use fob watches?

Timekeeping is an important part of those who work in health care. And for them, a fob watch is much more convenient than a wristwatch. So, fob watches are the favorite of nurses, midwives, and others working in healthcare.

Where do nurses wear fob watches?

Fob watch is the quintessential watch for nurses. They clip fob watches to their uniforms. They can also attach watches with carabiner clips to their stethoscope.

Can you get a smart fob watch?

There are some smart fob watches available in the market. Frontrow is one of these smart watches.

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