12 Best Cheap watches Under 50 $ Reviews & Buying Guide 2022

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Best Cheap Watches Under 50

The love for watches is universal. A lot of people like to collect different varieties of watches. To fulfill this quest, several different brands of watches are available in the market. However, the best and most desirable of them are easily affordable. Generally, an inexpensive watch is expected to be of low quality, and it is hard to find a good quality affordable watch. This article is an effort to help you find the perfect watch. We have provided a list of best watches under 50 $ to help you find your perfect affordable watch. The list includes all the essential and distinct features of cheap watches.

How do we choose our top 12 Cheap Watches Under 50 $ ?

While trying to buy an affordable watch, you will come across several different watches. This makes choosing the perfect watch difficult. We have considered the main factors while choosing our top watches: the quality, design, and essential features.

The 12 Best Cheap Watches Under 50 $

Here are our top 12 affordable watches under 50 $ in the market right now, with a quick comparison table listing all their key features.

1. Timex Weekender 38mm

Timex Unisex Weekender Watch

When it comes to low price quality watches, Timex Weekender is impossible to avoid. Owing to its unique features and stylish look, it has become a popular choice among watch lovers. This watch provides a variety of features at prices as low as 20 to 40  dollars. The watch provides easy reading, which is made possible due to the well made minute and second hands. The strap is reasonably high quality, and the watch also comes with a wide variety of interchangeable straps of different styles and colours. The watch’s stylish outlook also is one of the reasons that can convince people to buy this watch. It is difficult to get such a smart and sturdy watch at such a low price. Moreover, the Timex brand is a famous American-heritage brand that adds to the watch’s quality and makes it much more desirable. The Indiglo night feature of the watch is also one of the most useful features of this watch. The watch’s light can be easily turned on, and time can be easily read in the dark. Also, the back of the watch is made of stainless steel, which adds to its quality. The water-resistance of this watch allows it to bear daily water splashes. All in all, this watch is one of the best watches for people with a low budget.

  • Indigo light-up watch dial
  • Water resistant up to 30 meters
  • 13 different color straps
  • Loud ticking
  • Second hand not in line with tick marks
  • Case material is not durable


The watch is preferred by people who want to buy a low price watch but with high quality. Due to its changeable strap, it gives an option of a wide variety of colours and designs and can go with casual as well as formal clothing. The indigo light-up dial makes it perfect for people who work in night duties. Furthermore, due to its good quality and water resistance, it does not erode quickly.

2. Timex Men’s Camper Expedition

Timex Mens Camper Watch

The Timex Men’s Camper Expedition is one of the famous pieces of the Timex brand. It is a stylish looking adventure watch which is priced between 35 to 45 US dollar. There are many features which make this watch the top pick. These include the weight light of the watch, which makes it perfect for all adventurous sports. Also, the watch is water-resistant up to 50m hence can be used for short periods of swimming. The time of the watch can be easily set with the protected crown at its side. The colour combination on the dial gives it a stylish look. In addition to all this, it has an Indiglo function. It is a common feature of Timex watches. It will light up the dial and make it easy to read in the dark. Moreover, the robust Nylon strap with two layers can be easily adjusted on the wrist and also easily washed. The reading of time is made easy due to the simple and prominent minute and hour hands of the dial. The dial uses a flat acrylic crystal which makes it perfect for camping and other adventure sports.

  • Easy to carry
  • Easy reading
  • Ticking is a bit loud
  • No low battery indicator


This watch is a perfect pick for adventure sports such as camping and hiking. Its lightweight and robust quality make it ideal for these outdoor activities. People also prefer it because of its water resistance. Its light-up feature makes it suitable for people working in night shifts. To top it all, the long battery life of this watch also makes it a perfect pick as it does not require you to change the battery frequently.

3. Casio Men’s Vintage 168 WA-1

Casio Mens Vintage Watch

There are many affordable watches available in the market. But when it comes to brand reliability, Casio is a choice worth making. Only costing 18.50 dollars, Casio men’s Vintage 168 is one of the successful products of the Casio brand. It has several features that make it a necessary part of your collection.  The most outstanding feature of this Casio watch is its elegant and stylish Retro look. The back and the strap are made of stainless steel, and its design reminds of the retro watches and gives it a perfect look. The black text on the grey background makes it easy to read. Besides, the illuminator makes time visible in the dark as well. Additionally, it is water-resistant up to 30 meters which makes it easy to use in everyday life. It further has additional features such as alarm Chrono and a stopwatch. Hence, it encapsulates all that you will ever need in a watch. To top it all, the low price makes it even more desirable. It is definitely a bang for the buck!

  • Easy reading
  • Stylish looking
  • Night illuminator
  • Small case size
  • Plastic made case


What makes this watch worth buying is an elegant and simple design which makes it suitable for those who don’t prefer flashy watches. It is also suitable for people who need their watch to perform more functions than just watching time: setting the alarm and a stopwatch. Its stopwatch can be used for outdoor sports. Besides, the illuminator helps to easily read time during night time and making it suitable for people working for night shifts. Due to its stainless steel back and strap, it can be used for people with allergies. In addition to all this, the low price makes it affordable for everybody.

4. Casio Diver Style MRW200H

Casio Analog Sport Watch

This watch is a part of affordable quality watches selection of Casio.  It is one of the most reliable watch brands. The Casio diver Style MRW200H comes with different variations. A variety of different styles with the same inbuilt features allow people to choose a style of their own choice. Besides, it’s a mid-sized and lightweight watch suitable for diving and other outdoor sports to do its 100 m water resistance. It also includes date and day function. The price of the watch is $15.The most outstanding feature of this watch is its time accuracy, i.e. 0.3 seconds/month. Moreover, the movement of the watch is quartz which adds to its reliability. The watch is perfect for daily use as it sits comfortably on hand and also provides for easy reading due to its simple and flat dial and printed bold hour marks.

  • Easily readable time
  • Timekeeping accuracy
  • 100 meter water resistance
  • Non-scratch resistant window
  • Freely turning bezel


The watch is quite handy and suitable for daily use. The time accuracy of the watch is perfect and makes it more desirable. The only problem with the watch is its window material can get easily scratched. Not too suitable for the night as only the hands are luminous and the lume effect is also short-lasting. Moreover, the free rotation of bezel is not suitable for divers. However, it is perfect for outdoor sports. Its features such as water resistance, time accuracy and stylish design make it definitely worth buying.

5. Casio Duro MDV-1AV

Casio Mens Analog Black Watch

Casio Duro MDV106-1AV is a successor of the very popular Casio Marlin Diver MDV-102.To begin with, it has a beautiful and simple design. It’s well-made hands, and big white points make it easily readable. The back of the dial is made of stainless steel. Also, the hands, hour marks and 12 H pointer on the Bezel are luminous with a bright lume. The watch band is flexible and sits comfortably on the wrist. It also has a date window at 3 O’clock. Moreover, the watch has a unidirectional rotating bezel which is more suitable for divers than a freely turning bezel. Besides, the water-resistance of this watch is 200 m which makes it perfect for swimming and diving. Along with all this, the quartz movement used by the watch makes it more reliable. All in all, it is a solid watch.

  • Water resistance upto 200M
  • Clear and prominent reading
  • Brightness of the lume is short timed


The watch is most suited for divers and outdoor sports such as swimming and hiking due to its 200 m water-resistant. The visibility of the watch is on point with prominent dial and markers. It has a well made and solid structure with an elegant look. All these features which this watch offers at a low price of 45 dollars make it clearly a good value for money.

6. Timex Ironman Classic 30 lap

Timex Ironman Classic Watch

Timex Ironman Classic 30 lap is one of the most loved sports watches of Timex. It is part of the Ironman series launched in 1986. It includes most features required for sports activities. Firstly, the watch has an adjustable black resin strap. The length of the strap is 16 millimetre to 8-inch which makes the strap adjustable. Due to this feature, it can be adjusted on the wrist easily. Also, it has water resistance up to 100 m which makes it suitable for swimming. The most distinct feature of this product is its built-in chronograph with 30-lap memory and timer function, which is used for keeping accurate time while sporting. Moreover, time is easily readable due to large numbers with a light-up dial. The case of the watch is damage absorbent so it can resist abuse during physical activities. It also has an Indiglo light function and a battery life of 10 years. Along with all these features, it has traditional Timex durability.

  • Easy setting due to on-screen prompts.
  • Easily pressed built-in buttons.
  • Water resistant upto 100 meters
  • The band can get loose


The watch is suitable for swimmers but not for divers as its water resistance is up to 100 meters only. Due to its chronograph with 30 lap memory, it is used for most outdoor sports and activities such as running, training, swimming. It is not preferable for hiking as it lacks the technological features of a hiking watch such as weather prediction and navigation system. The daily, weekday and weekend schedule mode helps to remember important dates and events. Additionally, its quality and the reliability of the Timex brand makes it worth buying.

7. Casio G-Shock DW 5600E-1V.

Casio Mens G Shock Quartz Watch

There are over a hundred different models of the Casio G Shock. One of its widely used is the G-Shock DW 5600E-1V. Military personnel adopt this series of watches all over the world. One of the main features of this watch is shock resistance. The shock protection is given by the resin case, the integrated resin band, and the raised bezel that protects the screen. Moreover, the window material is scratch-resistant mineral glass. An inbuilt alarm, timer and Chrono system. It further has an electroluminescent backlight, which makes it possible to read the time even when it’s completely dark. Furthermore, this watch is 200 meters water resistant thus can be used for swimming, diving and all other sports involving water. Along with all these features, it has a quartz movement with the accuracy of +/- 15 seconds per month.

  • Shock resistance
  • 200 meter water resistance
  • Adjust button is hard to press
  • Short battery life compared to other Casio models.


The shock resistance and lightweight of this watch make it suitable for vigorous sports activities and professions that require physical activities such as firefighters to law enforcers and even astronauts. This watch is certified for space flying by Nasa. Its 200-meter water resistance makes it suitable for swimming as well as diving. Also, the durability of this watch makes it suitable for all.

8. Timex Women’s Indiglo Easy Reader

Timex Womens Indiglo Leather Strap Watch

Timex Women’s Indiglo Easy Reader is a well-crafted watch which has been a fan favourite for more than 40 years now. It is famous for its simplicity and design. As the name suggests, this watch has a clean dial design with easy to read numbers. It further has an Indiglo feature. Just by pressing the crown, the watch lights up and time can be easily read when it’s dark. Moreover, the watch is water-resistant up to 30 meters which makes it suitable for everyday use. It further has a good quality band, scratch-resistant glass and a well-made design of the watch overall. A lot of attention has been given to the detailing, which gives the watch an elegant look. Above all, it is super handy due to its small size and fits on the wrist comfortably.

  • Perfect for everyday use
  • Bright indiglo light
  • Easy reading
  • The date display is small


Timex easy reader is a watch preferred by people due to its simplicity and affordability. All features of a quality watch at such a low price. Not just simple but this watch is also durable which is offered by its metal case and mineral glass lens. Also, due to its Indiglo light, it is preferred by people who have to work for long hours of night shifts or for hiking or simply walking at night. Also, its 30 m water resistance makes it suitable for everyday use. With this minimal design, it can be worn with formal as well as casual dresses.

9. Invicta Men’s Pro Diver

Invicta Mens Pro Diver Stainless Steel Quartz Watch

Invicta Pro Diver is a legitimate diving watch. The most important feature of this watch is its water resistance which is up to 200 meters. This water resistance makes it perfect for diving and other water sports. It is difficult to find such water resistance at such a low price, but Invicta Pro diver does not disappoint. The design of this watch is very similar to a Rolex submariner; hence it is a joy for people who can’t afford a Rolex Submariner. It is made of stainless steel. Also, Invicta Pro Diver is an automatic watch which means that the natural motion of the person wearing it provides the energy to power the watch. The movement inside the pro diver is the most impressive thing about this watch that is Seiko calibre NH35A which makes the watch reliable as it is an incredible movement for a watch at this price. It further includes luminous hands, a unidirectional bezel and includes the day of the month displayed in the three o’clock position.

  • Great time accuracy
  • 200 meter water resistance
  • Affordability
  • Case is a bit thick
  • Luminous hands are not bright


The Invicta Pro diver watch is used for diving and other water sports as well. It is currently the most purchased Invicta watch today. The reason for this is that it keeps a great time, with no compromise on quality, affordable price and a three-year warranty. All these features make it a good value for money.

10. Armitron Sport Men’s watch

Armitron Sport Men's Chronograph Digital Watch

Armitron Sport Men’s watch 40/8159 is a masterpiece of the Armitron sports watch series. It has a trendy design with silver and black colour combination, which makes it aesthetically pleasing. Authenticity is added to the watch by the use of a durable black resin case. Also, the time is effortless to read with big clear Arabic numbers on a large display. It further has date and day information on the top of the dial. Additionally, it has a dual time zone option and a 24-hour clock. Its other important features include a timer, an alarm clock, chronograph function and a stopwatch. Furthermore, its 100-meter water resistance makes it suitable for swimming and also for everyday use. Despite all these functions, the watch is extremely light-weight and perfect for everyday use. It also Includes backlight, that illuminates the numbers on the screen. The movement used for this watch is Quartz movement which further adds to its reliability and helps to keep accurate time.

  • Easy to read
  • Water resistance upto 100 meters
  • Includes backlight
  • The band is small
  • Crystal glass is not scratch resistant


Although the watch can be used for outdoor activities, yet it is not suitable for rugged sports as the case crystal is the plastic crystal, so it is not completely scratch resistant. It is also suitable for old age people who can not focus on the dial for a long time and can read time at a glance. Due to its backlight, this watch can be used by people who work for night shifts. The watch is worth buying due to its reliability and affordability.

11. Casio Women’s LRW200H-7BVCF Watch

Casio Women's Watch

Casio Women’s LRW200H-7BVCF Watch is a part of the Casio’s pro diver collection. The name of the brand Casio is enough for gauging the reliability of the product. The numerals on the dial are Arabic and also multicoloured. The colour combination gives it a perfect feminine look. One of its most outstanding features is it carries a water resistance of 100 metres making it suitable for swimming and also daily wear. The crystal of the dial is a hardened mineral crystal, which makes it scratch resistant. It further has a 24-hour register on an internal central scale and a three years battery life. The Japanese quartz movement gives the watch time accuracy. It has time accuracy of +/- 20 seconds per month.  It further has a bi-directional rotating bezel and date display.

  • Suitable for everyday use
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • 100 meter water resistance
  • Face is small
  • Thin second hand


All the features of this watch make it suitable for nurses and medical students. The band is strong, flexible and also comfortable to wear hence makes it suitable for everyday use. Also, the watch is not just reliable but also aesthetically pleasing. The bright colours can be coordinated well with any clothing. Furthermore, the affordability of this watch makes it worth buying.

12. U.S. Polo Assn. Classic Men’s

U.s. Polo Assn. Classic Men's Watch

The U.S. Polo Assn. Classic Men’s USC50225 is a part of The U.S Polo Assn. Watch collection. The collection stands for good quality, fashion edge, and value. USC 50225 is a fashion watch. It has a colour combination of brown and gold which gives it a classical look: the brown leather strap and a brown dial with golden numbers and markers. The colour of the gold is not flashy but a subdued one. The movement of the watch is Japanese Quartz which helps to keep time accurately. The back of the watch is made of stainless steel. To top it all, the watch is sturdy and well made. The dial of the watch is large with prominent markers which makes it easy to read the time. It also feels clean and sturdy. 

  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Large dial
  • Look of the strap is poor quality
  • Not water resistant


This watch is suitable for wearing with formal dressing, cannot be worn during outdoor sports and is not water-resistant. It is the best choice for people who prefer wearing stylish looking watches and don’t want to compromise on the look of the watch. To top it all, the low price of this elegant looking watch makes it worth buying. It further makes for the ideal gift.

Buying Guide

Wearing a watch is important for people. They consider it an essential part of their personality.  Also, a lot of people have a craze of buying and collecting watches. But unfortunately, not everyone can afford to wear and collect expensive watches. There is a wide variety of watches’ options available in the market for people who love watches and want to buy economical ones. 

Features to look for while buying an Inexpensive watch

Although not everyone can afford to wear luxury watches and they look for inexpensive watches, there are certain features which are essential for all watches to have. The following guide has the traits which an ideal watch needs to have. It will help the buyer to choose the watch of their liking. 

Reliability and Quality

Although inexpensive, yet there should be no compromise on the quality and reliability of the watch you choose for yourself. There are plenty of brands available which offer good quality watches for low prices. The dial, the band and the time accuracy should be considered while checking the quality of the watch. 

Water Resistant

Water-resistance is a quality which makes every watch desirable. Water-resistance makes a watch suitable for everyday use as well as outdoor activities. It should be taken into account while buying a watch as it makes life easier. 

Indiglo Feature

The Indiglo feature is also important for reading time during the dark. It is part of most watches as it helios in time reading when the lights go off. 

Easy to Read

A clear dial with prominent numbers makes reading easy. Consumers should prefer any watch which has a clear dial with and prominent big numbers as it makes it possible to read time just by a glance. 

Design and Appearance

The design and appearance of a watch are important as it should look aesthetically pleasing to attract attention. It’s the look that first catches attention. There are several watches available which are reliable as well as well made. 

General Functions

The general functions of a watch are also important to consider while buying it. Some watches have features such as alarm, timer, stopwatch etc., which help in day to day activities and helps to make life easier. 


Watches are an extension of our personality. They are an important part of everyday life as well as personality. People spend a huge sum of money on buying the watches of their choice. But unfortunately, not everyone can afford to buy expensive watches. For this reason, there are plenty of inexpensive quality watches available for watch lovers in the market. Hence, watch overs can have the joy of using as well as collecting watches of their liking.

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